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Here at Lynwood Solicitors, we take endeavour to provide impartial and trusted legal advice to our clients, and always go above and beyond to ensure a simple, streamlined and efficient advisory service is provided every time. Offering our services across the UK, we take immense pride in the expertise and knowledge we have worked tirelessly to perfect, and we always aim to provide you with a personalised and reliable service, no matter what.

What Is Independent Legal Advice?

Independent legal advice is impartial advice provided by a fully qualified, independent solicitor. An individual may seek independent legal advice for any number of reasons, but most often than not, is necessary to obtain towards the end of a transaction. Plainly speaking, independent legal advice is a service that is designed to help protect an individual from signing any legal documents, before they understand the full risks of the transaction they are undertaking. This is so that the individual can make an informed decision that is suitable to them and their unique circumstances.

During your Independent Legal Advice meeting, you and your solicitor may discuss the following:

  • Any financial risks.
  • The seriousness of these risks and what they imply.
  • Lender terms – the lender may change their loan terms at any point.
  • Explaining the transaction and nature of the documents in plain language.

How Lynwood Solicitors Can Help?

As one of the most reputable and trusted legal advisory service providers in the UK, we here at Lynwood Solicitors take great pride in the exceptional, and highly valued, service we are able to provide. We always ensure to work closely with our clients to ensure their exact requirements are met, and so we can provide a tailored, fully personalised service that encompasses all of their needs.

Some examples where independent legal advice may be required include:

  • Transfer of Equity
  • Occupier Waiver
  • Director’s Mortgage Guarantee
  • Joint Mortgage Sole Proprietor

At Lynwood Solicitors, we provide a quick turnaround on all our services to ensure customer satisfaction and prevent possible delays. We can arrange face-to-face appointments at our Lynwood Solicitors in Watford to discuss your concerns and requirements. Alternatively, we can book an online video call appointment if you prefer.

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